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Custom Dress Link For Tracy
Custom Dress Link For Tracy
Custom Dress Link For Tracy
Custom Dress Link For Tracy
alashanghai silk

Custom Dress Link For Tracy

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*front as reference image 

*back as reference image 

*same silk fabric belt as reference image 

*A skirt shape bottom 

*front length = 138cm

*back length =148cm 

*color no.16 very dark purple 

*fabric= 50% mulberry silk + 50%  wool 


- Bust 40”
- Waist 34”
- Hips 42”
- Sleeve Length (shoulder to wrist) 22 1/2”
- Width of back on shoulders - 16”
- Length Full neck to ground with shoe - 59”
- Waist to ankle with shoe 39”
- Waist to ground with shoes  43 1/2”
- Inseam 29”
- Inseam to ground with shoes 34”
- Shoulder to elbow 14 1/2”
- Elbow to wrist 11”
- Around wrist 7 1/2”
- Around neck 14 1/2”
- Waist to knee 23 1/2”


 Delivery date : before 30th Aug



-Silk Care-
*Ironing Silk
If necessary, press the silk garment inside out while damp using cool iron setting (“Silk” setting on the iron)
Too much heat can dull, pucker, or burn silk fabric
*Hand Wash Silk Clothes in COLD WATER
*Tailors' chalk might be seen
Rubbing one area of silk can cause lightening in just that spot. For moderate stain removal, especially ones in the middle of a pattern, wash the entire garment.

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