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Our Silk Road Adventure Story

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Last year when I started an easy silk clothing shop, I wasn't trying to build a fashion brand, mainly due to the fact that there are numerous fashion-design and factory-made clothing brands.  I believe every woman has a choice to wear what they want to wear, whatever pattern, color, fabric, and length, and to also be able to afford to do that.  So I started my online silk dream store so that clients could choose from our color book, and have customized clothing pieces tailored to their specific measurements, so they could wear elegant fashion with confidence.   

In our shop, our fabrics matters most: high-quality silk.  This opulent and delicate fiber is still the world’s most luxurious, soft and velvety, comfortable to wear, with a beautiful and lovely luster.   Our clothing is hangs in classical drape and with timeless design to be worn for years.  We focus on making unique dresses meaningful, customized to your measurements, and personalized with monograms stitched inside.  Another personal touch we add to our service is to support local domestic tailors, who labor creating customized pieces for our customers, rather than contracting out to larger fashion factories who hurriedly create clothing in bulk.   

Women browse Instagram and WeChat (and other social media) every day, following fashionistas and big-name brands to express their dressing attitudes.  While others choose to follow small custom online boutiques that put power in clients' hands as much as possible to express themeselves through their fashion.  And that's the Alashanghai Silk core clientele: sophisticated women who wish to express their fashion through personal choice, customized look, and luxurious-feeling silk.